Billions today lack basic sanitation and have to leave the privacy of their shelters to perform one of the most basic human needs. They are conditioned to using unhygienic, often unsafe areas for this task.

easy to use

Men and women can carry the compact, portable toilet wherever they go. They unfold and expand seamlessly.


The Portable Loo will cost only 10¢ and will be distributed through a vast network of local NGOs and community influencers.

easy to dispose

A seal will allow for quick and efficient disposal. Glow-in-the-dark paint will allow for waste management even at night.

product features

the squat toilet

The disposable Squat Seat: Individuals squat on a low-cost plastic and cardboard material, which is sealable and biodegradable. Its florescent colour makes it easy to spot for waste collection and is easily visible for use in absolute darkness.

the cabana

The Cabana is a foldable and collapsible tube that is intended to provide privacy for a makeshift toilet anywhere. It's made up of sturdy plastic with metal wiring that can fold into a figure 8 and be carried discreetly. The cabana incudes a head covering for protection against the elements or for additional privacy.

expands in seconds

about us

The why behind Portable Loo

Portable Loo has created this product to help with only one of the many challenges that people around the world are currently facing. The scarcity of toilets or latrines in the underprivileged areas of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Syria, Iraq and Africa is unquestionably a humanitarian affair.

If you could consider just one of the least populated country from the list above, then according to the UN Refugee Agency, there are 3.8 million refugees around the borders of Syria alone, from which 51.2% are female. One must also consider 6.5 million individuals dislocated within Syria that are facing food shortages, water and sanitation.

Portable Loo pledges to donate 1 million units to the affected areas of the world and would like your support on social media to help create awareness. Through social media, we are also reaching out to NGOs that can add value to this project for the areas affected. Sponsoring parties would have the option to advertise space on the cabanas if requested. It's a great way to get your brand to support a humanitarian cause and give back to the world community.

As a business for profit, Portable Loo products would retail in other parts of the world as camping equipment or emergency kits. Retailing price is suggested at $28.99, which includes 3 cabanas and 5 disposable seats. Refills would also be available in store.

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